Leadership Development

We provide community leadership, networking and mentorship opportunities, all in a structured program that’ll fuel lifelong leadership development, as well as personal and professional growth, for the next generation of leaders. Upon successful completion of the program, veterans and youth will end up with a huge boost in confidence and self-respect and a newfound understanding of themselves, the community and the world in which we live.

Resiliency Training

Life happens! When it does, we got you covered! While building long lasting friendships with their peers and learning how to live a long, healthful life, members will begin to understand their responsibilities and the role each play in keeping them self, their family and the community strong and supported, making everyone more resilient than ever before.

Community Exploration

 Volunteering in the community can not only be enjoyable but rewarding as participants are exposed to all sorts of different types of people and experiences that challenge social norms, breaking down their barriers. We encourage all members, and the rest of the community, to step outside of their comfort zone and step up. Your neighborhood needs you!

Our Program

Mentor Orientation

Mentors, before moving on to Phase 1 you’ll first need to complete our orientation. Over the course of the orientation you’ll get a much better understanding of how to live a healthier, happier, more purpose driven life. Orientation is where our prospective mentors receive training on how to be an effective leader and use their life experiences to guide our youth into adulthood, all while they learn more about themselves and community.


Phase 1

Over the course of Phase 1 our mentors and youth will work, play, learn and grow in all aspects of their life. Each day will be designated to learning about a different aspect of wellness, leadership or resiliency to ensure we hit on every facet of leading a long, healthful, purpose-driven life. Although attendance in the program is voluntary we ask that those who commit to attending do so or they may be removed to make room for another veteran or youth.

These 5 Steps will form the majority of our program, consisting of workouts, classroom time, community engagement experiences, field trips and more.

  • Self-care– Take back your health. Before you can lead, you must first be able to take care of yourself. Set goals to eat healthier, workout and meditate, sleep well and perform at your best. Look good, and feel good doing it, whatever “it” is.
  • Leadership Development- Read a book. Take a class. Build upon your strengths to become the best version of yourself. Think outside the box and any chance you have to build your character, or your resume, take it.
  • Community Exploration- Take ownership. Set the intention to be a positive role model in your community. Pick up trash, help a neighbor with groceries, be the first to say “hey.” Get involved and make some new friends along the way.
  • Give Back- Someone needs you. Whether it’s a little boy in need of a mentor or sweet old lady in need of a hug, time is money, and there’s nothing more valuable than helping someone get back on their feet. Not only are these experiences incredibly rewarding, they offer the young leader the chance to be exposed to all sorts of different types of people and experiences that challenge social norms, breaking down their barriers. Make the choice to give back, and see what you gain in return.
  • Create Your Own- Find your next mission. Fortunately, the American Dream isn’t a one size fits all. Take what you’ve learned and continue to grow. Calm, Fit, Complete provides some of the necessary tools and resources for mission success but, ultimately, you’re in charge of your own destiny. Take charge, take action and continue to grow.  Now, go change the world!

Veterans, as required to be a mentor, many of you have jobs and/or school and may not be able to attend every class. The classes are tailored to benefit both you and the youth. More so, in order to build a relationship with other members, and your future mentee, and benefit from all the program has to offer, we ask that you commit to attending at least 1 day per week through the duration of Phase 1. Your skills, experience, input and attendance is vital to a successful program. Keep in mind that these kids are counting on you.

Families, in order to ensure kids take away the most from the program it’s imperative they miss as few classes as possible. Although we understand the fact that “life happens,” we ask you give us a heads up so we can better tailor each lesson to the number of students attending. Upon graduation, each veteran and youth will be paired with a person of their choice to continue on to phase 2.

Phase 2

Taking what the mentors and youth learned as a group in the immersive Phase 1, they now continue on as a team, veteran, first responder and youth, healthier, happier and ready for the world. Calm, Fit, Complete asks that mentors and families allow for their team to meet up at least 3 times per month and revisit one of the 5 Keys Steps, whether that be meeting with their peers, volunteering in the community, hiking a mountain or attending a class. CFC will be with members through the duration of the relationship providing suggestions, support and structure but, in Phase 2, it’s up to each team to look out for one another, taking what they’ve learned to be a better person and citizen, growing together as the next generation of leaders.

Calm, Fit, Complete will organize monthly reunions and special events that all Phase 1 graduates are able to attend. This is our chance to give back to and check in on our members and their chance to share their lessons learned with the rest of the family. We’re committed to the health and happiness of our growing family and understand the importance of a lifetime commitment to ourselves, each other and the community in which we live.

Phase 3: Professional mentoring and life coaching (Coming Soon!)

Next Steps…

Whether you need an outlet or not, whether you have loved ones at home or not, many of the kids that live in your community don’t. There’s no denying the fact that kids without direction and the proper support, someone to look up to, will surely lose their way. You can change that. I’m confident that my fellow vets have gained a lifetime of interpersonal, leadership and life skills during their time in the service. Rather than let that go to waste, sign up to be a part of team ready and willing to continue serving the community and country, all while strengthening your resume and networking with like-minded patriots.

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