You’re not cool unless you VOLUNTEER!

Billy Madison once said, “You ain’t cool, unless you pee your pants.” I say, you’re not cool unless you volunteer. There are countless benefits to volunteering, check out the link below to see what others are saying.   5 ways volunteering can help you find a job and advance your career

What is Memorial Day?

Take some time this Memorial Day weekend to think about what the holiday really means. To me it’s about the days running, fighting, cussing, drinking, yelling, shooting, living and loving life, with the greatest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing, some of which are no longer with us today. This weekend I

Veteran Finds Health and Happiness in New Mission

The below PDF is from an article written by Calm, Fit, Complete founder, Jesse Simpson, and published in the Arizona Republic on May 10, 2017. What is your new mission? Go find it!   veteran my turn

Fallen Hero

If you’ve never heard of Sgt. William C Stacey, you should look him up.  I was fortunate enough to have served with Will, and many others like him, while with 2/4. The courage and foresight, the selflessness of someone like Will, and the thousands of others killed before him, to knowingly go to a foreign

American Dream

I’ve always believed in the American dream. Although that belief has waivered a bit over the past couple years, I never completely gave up on the idea that, with enough hard work, anything is possible. For the past 5 years, not a day has went by that I didn’t think about Calm, Fit, Complete and

Care Packages

Often times service members are sent care packages while deployed overseas. The thought is that a box full of melted candy, Maxim magazines and a hand written note will help briefly take the patriot’s mind off of all the unpleasantries of life thousands of miles from home. Sometimes they’re sent by family members, sometimes church