What is Memorial Day?

Take some time this Memorial Day weekend to think about what the holiday really means. To me it’s about the days running, fighting, cussing, drinking, yelling, shooting, living and loving life, with the greatest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing, some of which are no longer with us today. This weekend I think about my late best friend, Paul Ealy, whose fate landed him a dead man before he turned 30. This weekend is for Sergeant Will Stacey, who was killed in Afghanistan, fighting for his country. This weekend is for Benjamin W Schmidt, USMC- KIA, and for Ian Wiseman, who after serving his country honorably, was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident shortly after his 4th deployment. Think about them, and the thousands of others, this weekend but don’t mourn their loss. They served a higher purpose and their families should be so incredibly proud, as am I. Rather, if for no other reason than to do right by these men and women, carry on their legacy and step outside of yourself and your own needs and worries and wants for once, just as these 4 men did. Take some time out of your day to have a moment of silence, drink a beer, simply think and appreciate what that means to you and your family, even if you don’t personally know anyone who’s served. After you’re done thinking, act! Volunteer, donate, smile at a stranger, do something positive for the world. Be grateful! Let their legacy be the force that drives yours.
Be the change!
Take some time to check out the new site. Donate if you can. 
Check out the new Budweiser commercial and their salute to veterans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzMSzLkOkJA
Donate to Folds of Honor.
Read about Will and his story: http://www.williamstacey.com/wills-full-in-case-of-death-letter/555/
Do something!
Calm, Fit, CompleteWhat is Memorial Day?

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